The newly reappointed Managing Director of Nigerian Electricity Management Services Agency (NEMSA), Peter Ewesor, has denied allegations of financial impropriety and contract scam during his first term of office.
He maintained that there was nothing like that and described the allegations as “part of issues associated with transition” and an “unfounded things that never happened” .
Ewesor spoke while responding to question on the allegations during a briefing with Journalists to outline his area of focus within his second tenure.
Mr. Ewesor completed his first tenure on September 10 and was subsequently reappointed by President Muhammadu Buhari on October 3, 2017 for another term of four years in line with the provisions of Section 7(3) of NEMSA Act, 2015.
A group under the aegis of the Concern Power Watch, (CPW) led by one Femi Adesuen, had few weeks ago alleged diversion of funds and contract scam worth N41 million during the first term of Mr. Ewesor.
But he said: “I will say to you clearly that actually these are unfounded things that never happened.These are part of the issues associated with transition. All these things, we have seen them and to me I’ve looked at them and said I don’t want anything that will distract me at this time and I want to tell you that they were never founded.”
He maintained that the agency has been following due process in line with procurement practices and financial regulation guidelines.
Further, he said: “Somebody actually said billions, I don’t know what billions is all about. So, I just want to tell this august press sitting here that nothing like that ever happened.
He assured that the agency would remain focused and continue to deal with its work to ensure that Nigerians continue to enjoy the benefits of the purpose for which the government set up this particular agency.
The NEMSA Managing Director said with his second tenure, the agency would ensure standardisation of electrical equipment/materials and total eradication of quacks in electrical installations in the power sector.
He warned that the agency would make life unbearable for any group or individual who insist on endangering Nigerians through refusal to abide by professional safety standards.
Already, he said the agency has secured the conviction of four persons at the Chief Magistrate Court, Kaduna State, for the offences of criminal conspiracy, forgery of NEMSA certificates and cheating contrary to section 59, 345 and 308 of the penal code of Kaduna state.
He noted that due to the fraudulent practices of the convicted persons, NEMSA lost revenue of N350, 000 which he hopes to recover from them.
On certification of electricity meters, he said the agency had certified a total of 62,222, while 63,942 passed the test, 280 failed.
While renewing the commitment of the agency to live up to its responsibilities, he said the extension of its Inspectorate field offices to Owerri, Bauchi, Uyo, Port Harcourt, Enugu and Kaduna were almost at concluding stages.