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Kingg Oogbodo Tackles Cybercrime, Drug Abuse, Wickedness With Jesu O Se’ka



Multitalented singer, songwriter, rapper, actor, video content creator and Chief Executive Officer, Blood Entertainment (Eje), Kingg Oogbodo, has taken on the alarming issues of drug abuse and cybercrime popularly known as Yahoo Yahoo with his latest song, Jesu O Se’ka.

It is an innovative gospel song which focuses on not only Nigeria especially, but also the world as a whole.

Without beating about the bush, it goes straight to its message of asking the pointed question that if Jesus Christ who was the greatest person  to walk the face of the earth and is therefore the greatest role model ever didn’t do drugs or commit crime, why should you?

Jesu O Se’ka is a special anti-drug abuse anti-vice song written by Kingg Oogbodo at a time his home country Nigeria was rocked by widespread reports of substance abuse which continues to be a rising problem.

It’s a classic piece which has gotten both critical and commercial praise and is set to rock the world in earthshaking fashion.

Though it advocates against vices, it does so in a very pleasant way that’ll make it appeal to all and sundry.

It’s a special number to Kingg Oogbodo as it harps saliently and concisely on the extremely important issues of drug abuse and crime.

It was written and performed by Kingg Oogbodo with backup vocals by Shocker and Don Leo and principal production by Shocker with final production and engineering by Kingg Oogbodo and Don Leo.

Watch a short video of Jesu O Se’ka

Listen to the full song:

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