Unknown gun men on Saturday night assassinated one of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, UNN security staff right at the frontage of his home.
The deceased, Mr. Chinedu Oranye, who was popularly known as “Kasa” was said to have gone outside from his house to receive a phone call when he was suddenly over powered by the assassins who apparently made the call while laying ambush against him at about 11.00pm.
 OPTIMUM TIMES learnt that Mr. Kasa lives in staff quarters at the police post where he worked as a security guard of the University.
According to an witness who declined to be mentioned, Mr kasa was at a store near his house and decided to go home to recieve a call.
The gun men met him at the front of his house, collected his phone before assassinating him.
The Deceased, Mr Chinedu Oranye, in pool of his blood after being shot on his head.
He was first shot on his legs  and then on his head as he wrestled with the gun men. In course of the attack, he was said to have broken one of the guns used by his assailants but unknown to him that they had another gun with them.
Mr. Kasa’s first son was said to be peeping from the window while he watched his father assassinated in his house at about 10-11pm. Mr Kasa has four children two boys two girls
Prior to the attack, on 14th of February, 2018 Valentine’s day, Mr. Kasa and his colleague named Jack were said to have led the UNN security men on an operation, during which, they allegedly apprehended two members of the Black Axe cult who had gone in armed robbery operation.
The robbers were said to be in possession of local guns marked made in Awka with live ammunitions.
It is being speculated that the assassination of Mr. Kasa may not be unconnected with the robbery on the 14th February and those (members of Black Axe fraternity) may have carried out his assassination.