Absolute rejection has continued to greet the Federal government’s proposal of creating cattle colonies in 36 states of the federation for Fulani herdsmen as antidote to the prevailing clashes between them and farmers.
Some of the state which had outrightly rejected the proposal on grounds of lack of farm lands for farmers include Abia, Taraba and the latest being Osun state.
According to NAIJ.com,  the Osun state commissioner for information and strategy, Adelani Baderinwa, disclosed the rejection by the state.
 Baderinwa stated that having foreseen the herdsmen-farmers clashes unfolding in various states, the Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola, had set up a committee comprising of government officials, farmers and herdsmen to resolve any issue which may result in conflict. 
According to Baderinwa, the committee had been in existence for close to two years, and had resolved thousands of cases. 
The commissioner stated that the committee’s success in handling disputes was the reason why Osun state had not witnessed any clashes between herdsmen and farmers. 
He said: “The truth is that we have gone ahead of that long before the current crisis in some parts of the country happened. We have a committee of Yoruba and Fulani which is overseeing the issue of farm destruction by livestock and other related issues.
 “There is understanding between the two groups. The understanding is that no cattle rearer should graze their livestock into any farm and if this happens, the herder will pay for the destruction. 
“If a new herder is entering into Osun from any part of the country, such person will be taken to the head of the Fulani and he will be registered and be included among those whose activities will be monitored by the committee.
 “Members of the committee know everyone and I believe it is a great job. That is what we have put in place in order to prevent this kind of crisis and it is working. We are hoping that there won’t be any intruder to disrupt the peace we have been enjoying for more than one and a half years. 
“So, I don’t think that the proposed creation of cattle colonies will be necessary for us in Osun state.”