Managing Director TCN, Mohammed


Load Rejection and sharp drop in load by Power Distribution Companies ( DisCos) had created extreme high voltage in grid and shattered the lightening arrester in 150MVA power transformer at Lokoja Transmission substation.

This caused the power outage which occurred in Lokoja during the rains on Friday 23rd February to date, according to Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) in a statement.

The TCN General Manager (Public Affairs), Ndidi Mbah, explained that lightening arresters are one of the items that normally prevent high voltage in the transformer but because the voltage was extremely high it shattered the lightening arrester of the 150MVA power transformer.

Further, she said that the chattered lightening arrester punctured the cooling fin of the power transformer causing oil to gush out from the 150MVA power transformer.

According to her, the TCN’s maintenance engineers had quickly mobilized and arrested the oil and made concerted efforts to seal the cooling fin.

The engineers were however unable to immediately seal the cooling fin, as the area that needed to be sealed was drenched with oil, making it difficult to seal.

She said they proceeded to empty the transformer of oil into drums, clean and allow the affected surface to dry before further attempt was made at sealing the cooling fin.

Having successfully sealed the transformer on Sunday, 25th February, TCN has proceeded to put transformer oil into the transformer today. This process would be completed today and the transformer energized latest tomorrow, 27th February, 2017 so that normal supply is restored to Lokoja.