Mrs Uwem and her triplet begging on the street for survival



A Nigerian woman, Blessing Uwem who resides in Oshodi, Lagos was spotted begging at the entrance to Oshodi Market, Lagos with her plump triplet who are barely 3months old.

However, the woman told Optimum Times  correspondent who spoke with her at her begging space that  she is from calabar and married to Mr. John Uwem who doesn’t have a job or source of income hence couldn’t provide the basic needs of his wife and 3months old triplet.

She said “I live here in Oshodi, I am the mother of these children, I gave birth to them without Caesarean section, my husband couldn’t pay our hospital bills or feed us because he doesn’t have a job, my neighbours had to contribute funds to pay our hospital bills.”

“I am in dire need of help, pls I am calling on Nigerians to come to my rescue, they should look upon my innocent kids with the eyes of mercy and take us off the streets.” she pleaded

Some empathetic Passersby gave her tips for food while some helped her to dress the children up.