86 luxury vehicles, together with 4 houses and a quarry plant in Abuja, belonging to a civil servant, Ibrahim Tumsah, are to be forfeited to the federal government, on the orders of the High Court of the Federal Capital Territory in Apo, Abuja, Punch reports.

Tumsah is the director of finance and account in the Federal Ministry of Power, Works and Housing. Amongst the car, 23 are reportedly armoured. Some of the 86 cars include a Wrangler Jeep (black), Audi ASL (ash), Toyota Hilux (white), Taurus Ford (red), Mercedez Benz S550 (red), Mercedez Benz GL 550(black), Toyota Land Cruiser V6 (black), Toyota Prado Jeep (white), Jaguar (ash), another Toyota Hiluz (white), Toyota Highlander, and another Mercedez Benz S550 (black). Also included are two Golf GTI cars (both black), Hyundai Veloster (red), Wrangler (red), Chevrolet (ash), Mercedez Vaneo (ash), Infinity FX50 (ash), Honda 2008/9, Jaguar XF (silver), Sahara Jeep (grey), BMW 7 Series (dark ash), Mercedez E550 (silver), Toyota Avalon (dark ash), Mercedez CLK 550 (ash), Cayenna Porche (black), Toyota Camry 2009 (sky blue), Jeep SRT Chirokee (silver), BMW GT550 (white) and BMW R8 2 Series (black). Others on the list are a Hyundai Velager (red), Camry 2013/14(white), Mercedez C300 (black), Ford Taurus (golden), Lincoln Niks (dark ash), Equus 2013 (dark ash), Toyota Sequoia (black), Audi A7 3.OT (black), Toyota Prado (black), another Mercedez C550 (black), KIA 900 (black), Avalon 2014(dark ash), Fiat 500 (silver), Acura RNX 2013, Lexus 15 3500, another Ford Taurus (Maroon), Caridac XT54 (red), Fiat; Turbo; Ford Excursion; Honda V6 Tourine, Audi Q 736, Ford BW, Lexus LS430 and Infinity QX705. They also include a Maserati, Ford Super Duty, Toyota RAV4, Ford 4X4 Super Duty, Land Rover VIE 1155, Land Rover VIE 1265, Ford Taurus Limited, Ford SHD, Audi 55, Roya Turbo and 20 other luxury cars. All the houses are located in Abuja with 2 situated at Wuse 2, one in Wuse Zone 7 and the last one in Jabi. The quarry is situated at Kuje, Abuja.

The properties seized from Tumsah also include 8 containers filled with household items. Following an ex parte application filed on November 23, 2017, by the recently constituted Special Investigation Panel on the Recovery of Public Property on behalf of the Federal Government, Justice Muawiyah Idris of the FCT High Court made the interim forfeiture orders. The panel informed the court that Tumsah, from whom the multi-million naira assets were seized, was able to acquire all the assets between 2016 and 2017, while on a monthly salary of less than N500,000.

In his ruling, the trial judge authorized the panel to freeze all the items, “pending full investigation on the serious criminal allegations that were brought against the respondents” – Tumsah and brother, Tijjani Tumsah. Justice Idris however instructed the panel to round up its investigations within 3 months. The case was adjourned till March 6, 2018.