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Human Rights Commission Makes Case For Inclusion Of Disabilities, Elimination Of Discriminatory Practices



The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) has made case for the inclusion of disabilities and elimination of discriminatory practices that are
barriers to mainstreaming disability.

The executive Secretary of the NHRC, Tony Ojukwu, canvassed this in a statement to mark the international day of persons with disabilities, a day set aside by the
United Nation every year on 3rd December to bring to the fore the challenges faced by person’s with special needs.

This year’s theme focuses on “Leadership and participation of persons with disabilities toward an inclusive, accessible and sustainable post COVID-19 world”.

It is geared towards promoting the importance of inclusion and accessibility in every sphere.

According to Ojukwu, ” We, therefore call on the society to embrace inclusion of disability in all spaces. While recognizing the new normal Post COVID to eliminate old societal/behavioural practices inimical to health; disability inclusion therefore will also eliminate discriminatory practices that are barriers to mainstreaming disability.

“The resultant effects of post COVID-19 world will be an increased use of ICT to work from home and in banking, shopping, education among others; which promotes the maintenance of social distancing.

“For Persons with disabilities to function in the post COVID-19 world, the Commission is therefore emphasizing the importance of disability inclusion by calling for equal space in decision making, politics, sports, leadership, ICT, etc by creating an accessible environment and structures in providing sign language interpreters, ramps, brail signage, lifts, Digital Accessibility Tools for e-inclusion such as electronic brail, etc.

“The Commission therefore enjoins both public and private sectors in ensuring full implementation of and adherence to legal frame work and policies put in place to promote accessibility and equal
participation of persons with disabilities in the workplace and life for the enjoyment of human rights as provided in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, the Discrimination against
Persons with Disabilities (Prohibition) Act 2018 as well as other human rights instruments.”

He appealed to the government to ensure that disability interest are mainstreamed into the newly approved National Development Plan 2021 – 2025 to ensure inclusiveness and that no one is left behind.

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