A seven-day International forum under the auspices of Indonesian-African Forum is slated for April, 2018, to deepen relationship and promote sustainable trade and investment between Indonesia and sub-sahara Africa.

The Forum is being packaged by the Goldmine Global Services in conjunction with the Indonesian Trade Promotion Centre, Lagos (ITPC) and The Honeymooners.

The forum starting on 7th -14th April is geared towards exploring various economic opportunities to strengthen technical cooperation and to enhance existing partnership between both countries.

At the press conference convened by Goldmine Global Services, OPTIMUM TIMES gathered that the Inaugural edition of the Indonesian-Africa forum, is an Indonesian Government Initiative from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to further promote sustainable trade and investment relationship between Indonesia and sub-sahara Africa.

Speaking on the importance of the forum, the Executive Director Goldmine Global Services , Micheal Majekodunmi, said that during  the Indonesian -Africa forum, platform for Nigeria and other Africa businesses to showcase what they have to offer to the Indonesian business  community would be provided thereby improving the possibilities of attracting inward cooperation and investment in terms of foreign direct investments from Indonesia.

He recalled that Indonesian’s relationship with Africa began in 1955 and with Nigeria in particular in 1965, adding that  Nigeria is Indonesian second biggest trading partner in Africa, while South Africa is the first.

The trade volume between Indonesia and Africa as at 2016 is $2.5bn and Africa still has great business and investment opportunities that remain untapped.

L-R: Executive Director, Agro Forestry Mining, Goldmine Global Services, Micheal T. Majekodunmi; Vice Director, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Lagos, Simon Tumanggor;  Director, Indonesian Trade Promotion Center (ITPC) Lagos, Bagus Wicaksena. 

Majeokudimi said: “Every one is a recipient as long as you have a business you want to put to another level,  it is not excluded to a particular category of people as long as you have a vision for yourself, you want to improve on what you are doing, you are looking for technical, financial and foreign partners then this forum is for you”.

He also said that the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo; Vice President Jusuf Kalla and the minister of foreign Affairs amongst other key industry personnel would attend the forum.

Explaining on the importance of Indonesian-Africa relationship, he noted that Africa is a potential market for Indonesian goods such as palm oil, garment, technical cooperation,  motorized vehicles which are among several products that could be in demand in the markets in sub-saharan Africa.

He said that Africa is swarming with raw materials which Indonesia may need for it’s manufacturing industries.

Furthermore, he said that more than 20 Indonesian companies, including textile producer Indorama, Orange drugs and kalbe Farma, Tolaram group to mention a few have already partnered with Nigerian firms and had invested in Africa.