• FBNInsurance Limited, said it will ride on its current strong presence and increased investment in retail insurance market to take insurance services to every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

The company, said it will achieve this through the use of its over 2000 man strong retail team to take its array of innovative insurance products to the door steps of Nigerians thus acting as their financial services partner.
Managing Director of the company, Val Ojumah, addressing the media in his office in Lagos, said some of the products in the company’s portfolio that will enable it achieve the purpose were specially designed with due consideration to the pockets of the members of the insuring public.
“We have an array of innovative products designed with you in mind. Take our Easy Save policy for example. This policy helps you put aside some money for short term projects with a pre-agreed interest on your savings. Instead of joining an ‘ajo’ or ‘esusu’ group where you need to start hoping that other members of the group pay their contributions when due, why not take our Easy Save policy and be in control of your finances”?

According to him,FBNInsurance Family Income Protection Plan (FIPP),assures an insured’s family of a certain and continuous income in case of any eventualities.

He further said FBNInsurance,understands the love and value Nigerians place on their children/wards, particularly their education;therefore has designed a FlexiEdu policy specifically for them.

“FlexiEdu ensures you never have to worry about your children/wards’ tuition again for the foreseeable future.
He also spoke about FBN extended family plan saying the Extended Family Support plan of the company(EFSP), is a life-related insurance plan that takes care of financial life of people in extended family.

Speaking on non life products in the kitty of the company, Ojumah said “Our sister company, FBN General Insurance Limited, deals with all non-life insurance businesses. Talk about truly reliable auto insurance packages, we’ve got it.

You own a business and are worried about your staff’s trustworthiness? get our Fidelity Guarantee cover. Involved in logistics and haulage? our Goods-in-Transit policy is what you need to give you peace of mind.

Continuing he said:”Many times, due to one unforeseen development or the other, people have lost properties worth millions of Naira due to flooding, fire or theft. For those who stay in Lagos, especially in some parts of the Island, the fear of flooding is the beginning of wisdom. But is this fear supposed to drive you to the brink of restlessness? No! Choose our Fire, Special Perils plan today and you can safely forget about your fears and worries with respect to your home,” Ojumah stated.

  • Giving reasons members of the insuring public should believe in FBNInsurance and choose it as insurance company of choice, Ojumah said, “FBNInsurance does what it says
    “we do what we say. While others avoid paying claims, we actually look to make good our promises on same.
    “Our testimonials are in the public space, our heritage has made us
    Interested in taking charge of your tomorrow from today? Reach out to us now. Visit our website www.fbninsurance.com or simply track us down on social media: @fbninsurance/@fbngeneral on twitter and FBNInsurance/FBN General on facebook. For us, YOU are all that matters”, he assured.