Buhari Support Group Begs OBJ 10-Months Grace To Right Wrongs

*Pleads To Shelve Launch Of CNM As Political Party

Against the backdrop of fears that the emergence of a third force into the political terrain may scuttle President Muhammadu Buhari’s second term bids, a support group for Nigeria’s incumbent President, has pleaded with former President Olusegun Obasanjo to shelve his third force idea.

Obasanjo had in a statement recently bluntly told President Buhari to forget his ambition for a second term and not to re-contest in 2019 presidential election in Nigeria because of his abysmal performance since 2015. The consequences of which had been retrogression in the nation’s socioeconomic development and increasing hardship among the citizens.

Obasanjo also advocated the formation of a third force, Coalition of Nigeria to checkmate Buhari and salvage the country from total collapse.

On Wednesday, a Coalition for Nigeria Movement (CNM), was unveiled in Abuja with the arrow head in person of the former National Secretary of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Olagunsoye Oyinlola, as the Chairman.

But Thursday, the National Coordinator Buhari Solidarity Movement, Chief Ovo Ofigo, in an open letter made available to Journalist in Warri, Delta State, pleaded to Obasanjo to give Buhari more time to right the wrongs within the system in a space of another ten months.

The group said: “We are by this medium appealing to you and fellow Nigerians to give the Buhari administration 10 calendar months to make amends. After this period, we are very sure we shall experience tremendous change. If after this 10 months period of grace, if no meaningful change is made, we shall have no alternative but to fold our alms.”

In reference to earlier statement by Obasanjo to Buhari, the group maintained that it has shored up the electoral fortunes of Buhari in 2019, saying “Your letter was written in the right direction and indeed a booster to the electoral fortunes of President Muhammadu Buhari in 2019.

“Indeed , by your letter you have contributed 40 percent to the 2019 electoral fortunes of our principal. The rest is to be left for our principal and those of us who are his apostles to accomplish.”

At the unveiling of the CNM, Oyinlola, who described it as a movement to salvage Nigeria, however, said that the movement came into being in response to Obasanjo’s call for the emergence of a Coalition to help rescue the country from bad administration.

While declining to admit that the movement was carrying out Obasanjo’s agenda to install a new leadership for the country, he said: “To say that we are legitimising Obasanjo’s legacies is a beat off the mark.

“There is no one who can fault the issues raised in Obasanjo’s letter. Forget the messenger, let’s discuss the message. What he has done is to stir us from our slumber to the reality of what is happening in Nigeria to take charge and take action.

“Are there no other leaders sitting around and watching how things are going? I think we should give some kudos to him for being able to address Nigerians on the ills of the society which requires attention.’’