Beverly Hills lawyer, Adam Sack has said victims of the Las Vegas shooting, which occurred on Sunday night, could sue the Mandalay Bay hotel where the deranged killer stayed at for millions.

The attack carried out by Stephen Paddock, 64, from inside a suite in Mandalay Bay Hotel led to the death of 59 people with over 500 concertgoers still recovering from bullet sustained injuries. Sack told RadarOnline that victims could sue the killer, but considering how many people were affected in the attack, the killer’s money couldn’t possibly pay them all so they could eventually sue the hotel and also promoters of the concert that was taking place when the attack was carried out.

Sack said: “Victims could try to get money from the shooter, they could probably obviously sue him. Considering how many victims were affected, it’s not enough. They’re going to want to sue the hotel and the concert promoters.

He continued: “The hotel had this guy get into his room, bringing up more than 25 guns, — it’s going to show that the hotel needed better security. There were cameras everywhere (recording) suspicious activity. The victims can easily sue for negligence — which covers everything. The hotel should’ve known and should’ve prevented what that guy did — bringing in so many suitcases with weapons and not screening him and not providing metal detectors.”

Paddock was in the room for three days planning his attack. During the days leading up to the mass murders, not a single hotel employee visited his room for cleaning or maintenance.

Sack said in anger: “The guy was drilling and setting up, and the hotel did nothing. They couldn’t even locate him at first, only when the smoke alarm went out from the gunpowder were they able to find him — so it was even an accident that they found him. Clearly, the security team was not protecting the guests. Even the windows — how easily he was able to shoot through the glass to target the concertgoers. The hotel needed stronger glass — bulletproof glass.”

Sack also said the concert promoters were at fault for wrapping a fence around the venue such that people couldn’t escape when the attack took place.

He said: “They put in a fence around the area so there was only one way in and one way out — people were basically trapped in. They could easily sue the promoter; it was dangerous; they didn’t have an emergency exit.”

Paddock was wealthy and left a big bank account to his name. However, Sack says the severity of this attack will cost much more than the several millions he has in his account.

“The shooter is rich — let’s say he has $5 million in the bank — just one victim who was shot in the leg or something could cost a million dollars. Think about one who needs rehabilitative surgery. You’re talking 500 people, and let’s say each will get $1 million, it’s a huge lawsuit, you’re looking at $500 million give or take,” Sack explains. “Also consider the recovery time, and how bad the injury is. If you’re a victim that was killed — let’s say you’re a brain surgeon and you were expected to get lots of money in your life but you were killed — the family could sue for millions. So it will determine what your earning power was before you were killed.”

Sack also said that family of the victims can sue for damages based on the claim called “loss of consortium” — where a family member claims damages for loved ones killed in negligent acts.

Sack said: “I’m telling you right now, this is going to be — once the drama dies down — it’s going to be lawsuits after lawsuits. Everyone will sue everyone. The hotel will sue the city because there wasn’t property development of the road, they can sue the one who designed the hotel — you can dream up all kinds of lawsuits that prove this attack could’ve been prevented.”