*As Union Apologizes For Initial Resistance Of Appointment



The Senior Staff Association of Electricity and Allied Companies (SSAEAC) in Nigeria, has applauded the achievements recorded by the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN) under the leadership of the immediate past Interim Managing Director, Usman Gur Mohammed.

Also barely a year after, they apologized for the initial opposition displayed by them about a year ago, when the Federal Government of Nigeria appointed Mohammed, attributing their resistance to lack of fore knowledge that his leadership would “rejuvenate the already decaying industry under the management of inconsistent and fraudulent Manitoba hydro.”

The Nigerian Government had early February, 2017, through a letter by the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Power, Works and Housing, Louis Edozien, made known the appointment of Mohammed as the TCN interim Managing Director for 12-months period within which to carry out some reform programmes and stabilise the agency. He vacated office last Thursday, February 1, 2018 after the tenure.

But in a letter to him dated January 29th, 2018, titled “Letter of appreciation to the Interim Managing Director”, made available to OPTIMUM TIMES, SSAEAC appreciated him “for salvaging TCN and bringing it back to life” with catalogue of achievements in TCN’s various locations.

In the letter signed by the SSAEAC TCN Branch Secretary, Yerima Bukar Hassan, the union articulated the achievements as follows: “We attained two new national peak load of 5,155MW and 5,222.3MW on December 8th and 18th, 2017 respectively. The previous national peak load was recorded on February 2nd, 2016 and it was 5,074MW; Tremendous improvement in the cooling system of Control rooms/Relay rooms which affects most of the Substations all over the Country. This has increased staff productivity and punctuality.

“The establishment of transmission rehabilitation and expansion program (TREP) to improve the Grid in terms of wheeling, stability and reliability. Preparation and Procurement of projects through the use of in-house capacity and advance procurement is a welcome development, we are praying that the planned expansion of transmission lines all over the country will be achieved soonest.

“We appreciate the Kaduna 330kV SC line In Quad and build several 330kV and 132kV Substations at Bauchi, Daura, Jogana, Sokoto, Argungu as we pray for more to come.

“We appreciate the reorganization of Procurement Department and TCN staff were training on procurement was conducted both locally and internationally. We appreciate the robust communication strategy that monitors the daily load shedding of the Distribution Companies (load rejection). This was done through collection on outages of 11kV and 33kV feeders of DISCOs on daily basis and publishing them.

“We appreciate the use of our in-house teams to install several Transformers across the country which saved a lot of cost, time and abandonment of projects by contractors.

“We appreciate your effort in making use of staff t o complete existing contracts like Kukuaba 132kV Substation and Daura – Katsina 132kV line was completed. TCN directed the Kano Transmission Sub-Region to install a 60MVA Transformer left at Dan-Agundi by a failed contractor. Same Engineers are warming up to take over the completion of Walalambe and Danbatta 132kV Substations.

“We observed the following 330kV lines that were out of use for a period of between two to three years which were successfully restored in the last one year under your interim leadership: Jebba-Kainji 330kV 2nd line which had been out for three years was restored in October 2017; Ajaokuta 2nd line energized with one line since 2015 has been restored in September 2017.

“Asaba-Benin 330kV SC line completed since 2014 but was not energized due to absence of 330kV bay at Benin has been commissioned in November 2017; Contract for the 330kV GIS Substation at Aja is undergoing due process and would be signed before the end of January 2018. The Substation has been out of use in the last four years.

We appreciate the successful achievement of Frequency Control (achieved 49.50Hz and 50.50Hz, which was the first time in twenty years). This led WAPP to set Committee for synchronization of Power from Nigeria and the rest of West African Countries. The plan devised by your Management to further stabilise the Frequency at 50.75Hz to 50.25Hz in the near future is a welcome development

“We appreciate the Committee for Spinning Reserve (Tariff jointly established with representative of Generators and forwarded to NERC since May 2017). If approved it significantly assist in stablising the Grid.

“We applaud TCN’s successful cancellation of two Fiber Optics concession contracts that significantly compromised its ability to control and manage the Grid using its Fiber Optics network.

“We appreciate the plan to improve the financial viability of TCN, through its push for extra ordinary tariff review to NERC in September 2017 hoping that this would help facilitate better staff welfare.

“We appreciate the successful reduction of Transmission line loss from 9.50 percent in February when the new Manacrement came in February 2017 to 7.80 percent in November 2017. We hope for more reductions.

“We are appreciative of the fact that TCN known to be the weak link in the Electricity Industry has now become the strong link courtesy of your pragmatic approach in solving TCN challenges.”