-Says We Are Equal,Can Reside Anywhere

Former President Goodluck Jonathan has added his statesmanlike voice to the barrage of reactions trailing the three months quit order notice given to the Igbos resident in the Northern region of Nigeria, saying that it is inalienable rights of Nigerian citizens to reside in any part of the country.

He warned that Nigerians should watch their actions and utterances to promote such rights, brotherliness, harmony and peaceful coexistence.

His reaction is against the backdrop of eviction notice given to the Igbos by the Coalition of Northern Youths on Tuesday. The notice expires October 1, after which the CNY threatened that Igbos will face the consequences of refusal to relocate from the North.

The Former President made his reaction know in his Facebook page Thursday, stressing that all Nigerians are equal and one.

He said: “Every Nigerian citizen has an inalienable right to reside in any part of Nigeria. As Nigerians, we should all tailor our thoughts, actions and utterances to promote this and other rights.

“We are all brothers and sisters born from the womb of mother Nigeria. There are no still births or unwanted births from our mother. We are all one and equal and it is the responsibility of all men of goodwill to appeal for calm and unity in our beloved country Nigerians. GEJ.”