Vice chancellor, Lagos State University (LASU)  Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun


The Vice Chacellor, Lagos State University, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun, has denied all the allegations levelled against him by the Academic Staff Union Of Universities (ASUU), saying that the allegations were lies and ruse.

He alleged that it was being masterminded by some people who were not happy with the prevailing peace and progress of the University, adding that they were bent on creating chaos and causing confusion in the university for selfish reasons.

Reports had it that ASUU filed a report for the investigation of the culpability of the Immediate past registrar, Mr. Akinwunmi Lewis in the wrongful backdating of the promotion of Dr. Olarenenwaju Fagbohun as professor in the department of public law to October 1st 2018 attaching the 2014 Council decision document

Other allegations laid by ASUU include the Nigeria Institute of Advanced Legal studies (NIALS) unauthorized appointment of professors to occupy professorial chairs, unattained PHD before Promotion and doctored appointment because of unreached 10 year advertiser for professorship.

But speaking to Newsmen in his office, Fagbohun noted that in every system there are the good, bad and ugly.

He said: “If indeed we are not getting it right you would have heard reports of students protesting in the streets. When the university was in Crisis, some people were profiteering from that by delving into other businesses that would also fetch them money. Those set of people, for selfish reasons, are not happy with the peaceful state of the University .

“The flooding of activities are also part of academics, it has put all hands on deck because the idea of a University is as you pass through the university the university also passes through you”.

On the allegations, Fagbonhun said that the then registrar at that time he received his promotion wouldn’t have predicted that he will become the VC in 2018 so he could not have started doctoring document for him in 2014

In furtherance, he stressed that his seniority should ordinarily go back to 2007/2008 which he legally petitioned the University of his entitlement to have been promoted, the council took a decision in 2012 which was delayed due to the crisis in the University then, the decision was processed in 2014.

“I was given a go ahead order by the council to fill the Annual Performance evaluation Report form for 2007/2008 as assessment year for promotion to the position of professor of Law which I did and it was pursuant to that process that I filed it and was made a professor, of which I was not the only one it was done for. To say that the then registrar doctored document for me to get a chair is a Lie, it is just a ruse to create chaos and cause confusion in the university”.

However, fagbohun presented relevant documents to Journalists and offered to release all the document should the journalists request using the freedom of Information act.

Addressing allegations on (NIALS) unauthorized appointment of professors to occupy professorial chairs, he said “it is Laughable for them to say NIALS could not have given me a chair because the second Vice chancellor of this university, Prof Jade Akande was given a chair by this same institution, I am the eight substantive VC, so you can imagine the number of professor that could have come out of the institution. I am also the second VC that will come from the NIALS, it is shocking for me to hear someone saying they could not have given me a chair.

On the Unattained PHD before Promotion allegation, he said for my PHD Issue, OAU is there, they can be easily contact the faculty of law or post graduate school and if you want me to give the certificate I will do that, so it is not something covered in mystery.

On doctored appointment because of unreached 1o year advertiser for professorship he addressed the allegations citing that no number of years was specified in the three different newspapers that published the advert of appointment ; Punch, The Nation and Guardian “ so where did they find the 10 year they have continued to bandy around and continue to give hungry media people who will not ask questions” he asked

Responding to the question why the secretary and treasurer of the union has been queried and victimized by the University for sourcing for the document attached to the petition

Fagbohun explained that when I saw the petition circulated by AASU alongside some confidential documents from the record of the dean of faculty of Law, I wrote to the dean to explain how the document was released to those not authorized to have it and he wrote back and said this document was stolen from my file which made the faculty to deassociate from them noting that what they have done is criminal under the criminal code.

So, of course as the VC I issued a querry how they got the confidential document and the authorization they have to circulate the document . That is why the FOI act is there, No responsible corporate body will condole the stealing of confidential documents. He said