Acting President, Professor Yemi Osinbajo, has accused those and sections of the country crying to have been marginalised of arm twisting the Federal Government for political appointments.

He also claimed that no section of the country can absolve themselves of being corrupt, insisting that corruption permeates every ethnic group in Nigeria.

The Acting President spoke at a seminar of the Institute of Security Studies, which theme was “Unity in diversity” Wednesday, and faulted the assumption that hate speeches tantamount to freedom of expression.

He said: “Those who say my ethnic group has been marginalised, my religious group has been marginalised, that they say so for altruistic reasons or purposes. I want to say that it is not necessarily the case.

” As a matter of fact, most times when people say for instance that the Southwest has been marginalised, what they are saying is I have been marginalised, appoint me because I am from the Southwest. That is simply what it is. When people make this charges of marginalisation, it is usually self-serving”.

Osinbajo insisted that the way the country was structured as a united Nigeria is in order and would enhance progress.

He said: “It is a false narrative that nations formed the way ours was formed is bound to fail. Term mere geographic expression is not original to Nigeria.

“It is also a false narrative to say that one group is more corrupt than the other. Not so. If you look at a corruption charge sheet, there is unity you find all ethnic and religious groups equally represented in corruption. There’s complete unity in the business of corruption.

“It is also a false narrative that we are better off when ethnic groups are on their own. While different groups have strength we are better united.”